Gravelocity Cycling Cap


For protection from sun, rain, or cold, the Gravelocity cycling cap adds panache from the golden age of bicycle racing.

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Vintage cycling photos are filled with the great road cycling champions climbing mountains or sprinting to the finish, caps jauntily perched on their unprotected melons. For the most part, those days are long gone on the pavement, but on gravel, caps have made a comeback - under helmets, of course - providing protection from sun, dirt, bugs and the muck thrown up from the bikes ahead of you. Unless you’re planning on doing the entire ride at the front of the pack, you might just want to consider donning this tribute to the panache of yore.

Sizing Info: 

Sizing for these caps is almost divided along gender lines. Most women will prefer S/M. Most men should choose L/XL. Put another way, if you wear an XS or S cycling helmet, you’ll want a S/M cap. Size M helmet or larger, and you’ll buy a L/XL cap.

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